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By(By) end() of(of) the century(世纪),(,) rising(上升) seas() will() flood(淹没) more(more) than(than) 500(500) coastal(沿海) cities(城市),(,) affecting(影响) 1.5(1.5) billion(亿) people() worldwide(全球).(.) Some(一些) estimates(估计) predict(预测) surging(喘振) sea level(海平面) rise(上升) of(of) two(two) meters() by(by) 2100.(2100.)
Countries(国家) like() Kiribati(基里巴斯),(,) a(a) nation(国家) of(of) low() lying() coral(珊瑚) atolls(环礁) in(in) the Pacific(太平洋),(,) will() likely(可能) disappear(消失) entirely(完全).(.) This() is() why(为什么) Kiribati(基里巴斯) is(is) among(among) the countries(国家) to(to) have(have) explored(探索) the possibility(可能性) of(of) artificial islands(人工岛) replacing(取代) natural(自然) ones().(.)
It() may(可能) sound(听起来) counter(违反)-()intuitive(直觉),(,) but() floating(浮动) architecture(架构) provides(提供了) two(两大) big() advantages(优势).(.) First(首先),(,) it() creates(创造) "(")land(陆地)"(") that(that) moves(移动) with(with) the waves(波浪) and() thus(因此) is(is) resilient(有弹性) in(in) the face() of(of) flooding(洪水).(.) Second(其次),(,) it() allows(允许) cities(城市) to(to) expand(扩大) their() pressurised(加压) coastal(沿海) urban(城市) spaces(空间).(.)
Floating() islands(岛屿) have(have) been() popularised(推广) by(by) The Seasteading(Seasteading) Institute(研究所),(,) which(which) advocates(倡导) for(for) "(")seasteads(seasteads)()politically(政治) autonomous(自治) human(人类) settlements(住区) in(in) international waters(国际水域).(.) The institute(研究所) was(was) founded(创立) by() the libertarian(自由主义者) Patri(Patri) Friedman(弗里德曼) and() controversial(有争议) Facebook(Facebook) investor(投资者) Peter(彼得) Thiel(Thiel).(.) Consequently(因此),(,) some(一些) scholars(学者) have(have) criticised(批评) floating() islands() as(as) the playthings(玩具) of(of) Silicon() Valley() billionaires(亿万富翁) trying() to(to) escape() taxes().(.)
But() perhaps(也许) there() is(is) another(另一) side() to(to) offshore(离岸) housing(住房).(.) As() I(I) have(have) looked at(研究) in(in) my(我的) Ph(博士) .(.) D.,(D.,) floating(浮动) architecture(建筑) can(可以) also() be(be) a(一种) green(绿色) and() sustainable(可持续) technology(技术) to(to) help(帮助) adapt(适应) to(to) climate change(气候变化).(.) No(No) wonder(难怪) the United Nations(联合国) is(is) currently(目前) building(建造) a(一个) floating(浮动) office(办公) space(空间) for(for) its() Global(全球) Centre(中心) for(for) Adaptation(适应),(,) in(in) Rotterdam(鹿特丹).(.)
Another(另一个) example(例子) is() the Floating() Island() Project(项目) in(in) French() Polynesia(波利尼西亚),(,) the focus(重点) of(of) my() research(研究) over(over) the past(过去) three() years().(.) It() was() intended(旨在) to(to) be(be) a(一个) village(村庄) with(with) special(特殊) regulations(规定) floating() in(in) a(a) lagoon(泻湖),(,) however() the project(项目) lost(失去) government(政府) support(支持) after(after) protests(抗议活动) during(during) the Polynesian(波利尼西亚) presidential(总统) elections(选举) of(of) 2018.(2018.)
There() are() good(充分) reasons(理由) to(to) be(be) cautious(谨慎) about(about) the idea(想法) that(that) floating(浮动) architecture(建筑) can(可以) help(帮助) communities(社区) adapt(适应) to(to) sea level(海平面) rise(上升).(.) The first(第一) high()-()tech(高科技) iterations(迭代) may(可能) indeed(确实) be(be) too(过于) costly(昂贵) and() complicated(复杂) for(for) many(许多) areas(地区) affected(影响) by(by) sea level(海平面) rise(上升),(,) but() the growth(增长) in(in) solar(太阳能) and() floating(浮动) home(房屋) technologies(技术) point(表明) to(to) prices(价格) reducing(降低) with(with) time(时间).(.)
Amphibious(两栖) architecture(建筑) vs() reclaimed land(开垦土地)
One(之一) of(of) the key(主要) advantages(优势) of(of) floating() architecture(建筑) is() its() sustainability(可持续性) compared(相比) to(to) land(土地) reclamation(复垦),(,) which(which) can(可以) displace(取代) natural(自然) sediments(沉积物) and() harm(损害) the marine ecosystem(海洋生态系统),(,) since(因为) it() usually(通常) means(意味着) dumping(倾倒) sand(沙子) on(on) the seabed(海床),(,) annihilating(歼灭) corals(珊瑚) and() plankton(浮游生物) at(at) the bottom(底部) of(of) the food chain(食物链).(.)
In(In) contrast(),(,) floating() buildings(建筑) can(可以) create(创建) artificial(人工) reefs(),(,) providing(提供) food(食物) and() shelter(住所) for(for) marine life(海洋生物).(.) Reclaimed(开垦) lands(土地) are() also() more() vulnerable(容易) to(to) earthquakes(地震)—a(—a) prime(主要) example(例子) is() Mexico(墨西哥城) City(城市),(,) which(which) was(was) built() over(over) a(一个) lake().(.)
How(怎么) it() works()
People(人们) have(have) been(been) living(生活) on(on) human()-()made(made) islands(岛屿) for(for) hundreds(数百) of(of) years(年来).(.) Examples() include(包括) Nueva(Nueva) Veneciain(Veneciain) Colombia(哥伦比亚)⁠,(⁠,) the Uros(UROS) in(in) Lake() Titikaka(Titikaka),(,) Peru(秘鲁),(,) or() the nomads(游牧民族) of(of) Bajau(Bajau) Lautin(Lautin) Malaysia(马来西亚).(.)
Future(未来) floating(浮动) cities(城市) are(are) particularly(特别) intriguing(有趣) because(因为) they(它们) represent(代表) an(an) infrastructural(基础设施) blank(空白) slate(板块).(.) In(In) theory(理论),(,) they(它们) do(do) not() need(需要) to(to) connect(连接) to(to) land(陆地) infrastructure(基础设施) and(并且) can(可以) operate(运行) self(自行)-()sufficiently(足够),(,) in(in) a(a) closed loop(闭环) with(with) their(它们) own(自己) solar panels(电池板) and() desalination(海水淡化) plants().(.)
Floating(浮动) buildings(建筑) will() be(be) of(of) two(两种) types(类型):(:) some(一些) are() semi-submersible(半潜式),(,) and(并且) have() foundations(基础) on(on) the sea() bed(),(,) like() oil(石油) rigs(钻井平台).(.) Others(其他) are() pontoons(浮桥),(,) such as(例如) the floating(浮动) homes(房屋) in(in) Ijburg(Ijburg),(,) Amsterdam(阿姆斯特丹),(,) Amsterdam(阿姆斯特丹) which(which) fully(完全) float(漂浮) on(on) the water() surface(水面) and() are(are) kept(保持) stable(稳定) by(通过) mooring(系泊) systems(系统).(.)
Very(非常) large() floating(浮动) structures(结构) can() typically(通常) withstand(抵御) rough(涛汹涌) seas() better() than(than) boats(船只),(,) making(使) them() more() comfortable(舒适) for(for) longer(更长) periods(时间).(.) The preferred(优选) material(材料) for(for) building(构建) the floating(浮动) platforms(平台) is() concrete(混凝土).(.) Shaped(塑造) in(in) the right(正确) way(方式),(,) its() can(可以) keep(保持) afloat(漂浮).(.) For(For) buildings(建筑物),(,) materials(材料) are(are) up(up) to(to) individual(个人) taste(品味) and() affordability(实惠).(.)
Floating(浮动) technologies(技术)
The sheer() amount(数量) of(of) existing(现有) floating(浮动) infrastructure(基础设施) points(要点) to(to) the eventual(最终) emergence(出现) of(of) floating(浮动) cities(城市).(.) We(我们) already(已经) have(have) floating(浮动):(:) solar farms(太阳能农场),(,) wind(风力) farms(农场),(,) runways(跑道),(,) bridges(桥梁),(,) container(集装箱) docks(码头),(,) nuclear plants(核电站),(,) farms(),(,) stages(舞台),(,) restaurants(餐馆),(,) hotels(酒店),(,) storage(仓储) facilities(设施),(,) student(学生) houses() and() homes(家庭).(.) There() is(is) even(甚至) a(一个) floating() prison(监狱) and() floating() surf(冲浪) pools().(.)
So(因此) I(I) have(have) no() doubt(怀疑) that(that) floating(浮动) cities(城市) are() possible(可能) and() will() become(成为) a(a) reality(现实) at(at) some(某个) point(时刻) this() century(世纪).(.) The biggest(最大) challenges(挑战) will() be(be) legal(法律) and() political(政治)()not(不是) technological(技术).(.)
In(In) my(我的) research(研究) I(I) have() explored(探讨) property() ownership(所有权) in(in) floating(浮动) cities(城市).(.) Legal(法律) frameworks(框架) are() crucial(至关重要) because(因为) floating(浮动) cities(城市) mean(意味着) private(私人) buildings(建筑) over(over) oceans(海洋),(,) which(which) are(are) transboundary(跨界) commons(公地).(.) Will() homeowners(房主) own(自己) the plot(情节) of(of) water() too()?(?) Will() they(他们) instead(改为) own(拥有) their(它们) homes(房屋),(,) but(但是) claim(要求) temporary(临时) ownership(拥有) of(of) the space(空间),(,) as() in(in) trailer(拖车) parks(停车场)?(?) And(),(,) if(如果) buildings(建筑物) are() public(公共),(,) should(应该) we(我们) grant(授予) oceans(海洋) legal() personhood(人格) to(to) ensure(确保) higher(更高) environmental protection(环境保护)?(?)
There(There) is(is) no(没有) final(最终) answer(答案) to(to) these(这些) questions(问题),(,) as(因为) each(每个) city(城市) will() be(be) unique(独特) and() complex(复杂) in(in) its(它的) own(自己) way(方式),(,) and() offshore(离岸) living(生活) is(is) only() just(刚刚) starting().(.)


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