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植物和动物 11
Africa(非洲) has(has) new() purple(紫色)-()clad(包层) warriors(战士) more than(超过) 200(200) feet(英尺) beneath(beneath) the ocean(海洋)'s('s) surface(表面).(.) Deep()-()diving() scientists(科学家) from(from) the California(加利福尼亚) Academy(科学院) of(of) Sciences(科学)'(') Hope(希望) for(for) Reefs(珊瑚礁) initiative(倡议) and() the University(大学) of(of) Sydney(悉尼) spotted(发现) dazzling(令人眼花缭乱) fairy(神仙) wrasses(濑鱼)()previously(以前) unknown() to(to) science(科学)—in(—in) the dimly(昏暗) lit() mesophotic() coral reefs(珊瑚礁) of(of) eastern(东部) Zanzibar(桑给巴尔),(,) off(off) the coast(海岸) of(of) Tanzania(坦桑尼亚).(.) The multicolored(多彩) wrasses(濑鱼) sport(运动) deep() purple(紫色) scales(鳞片) so(因此) pigmented(色素),(,) they(它们) even(甚至) retain(保留) their() color(颜色) ((()which(which) is(is) typically(通常) lost(丢失))()) when(when) preserved(保存) for(for) research(研究).(.) The scientists(科学家们) name(命名) this(这个) "(")twilight() zone(区/带)"(") reef()-()dweller(居民) Cirrhilabrus(Cirrhilabrus) wakanda(wakanda) ((()common(普通) name() "(")Vibranium(Vibranium) Fairy() Wrasse(濑鱼)")(")) in honor of(以纪念) the mythical(神话) nation(国家) of(of) Wakanda(wakanda) from(from) the Marvel() Entertainment(娱乐) comics(漫画) and() movie(电影) Black() Panther().(.) The new() fish() is(is) described(描述了) today(今天) in(in) ZooKeys.(ZooKeys.)
"(")When(When) we(我们) thought(思想) about(about) the secretive(秘密) and() isolated(孤立) nature(性质) of(of) these(这些) unexplored(未开发) African(非洲) reefs(珊瑚礁),(,) we(我们) knew(知道) we(我们) had to(必须) name(命名) this(这个) new() species(物种) after(之后) Wakanda(Wakanda),"(,") says() Yi-(Yi-)Kai(Kai) Tea(),(,) lead(lead) author(作者) and() ichthyology(鱼类学) Ph(博士) .(.) D.(D.) student(学生) from(from) the University(大学) of(of) Sydney(悉尼).(.) "We've("We've) known() about(about) other(其他) related(相关) fairy(仙女) wrasses(濑鱼) from(from) the Indian Ocean(印度洋),(,) but() always(一直) thought(认为) there() was(was) a(一个) missing(缺失) species(物种) along(沿着) the continent(大陆)'s('s) eastern(东部) edge(边缘).(.) When(When) I(I) saw(看到) this(这个) amazing(神奇) purple(紫色) fish(),(,) I(I) knew(知道) instantly(立刻) we(我们) were(were) dealing(处理) with(with) the missing(缺失) piece(部分) of(of) the puzzle(难题)."(.")
Underwater(水下) Wakanda(Wakanda)
The Academy(学院) scientists(科学家) say(表示) Cirrhilabrus(Cirrhilabrus) wakanda(wakanda)'s('s) remote(遥远) home(家园) in(in) mesophotic(中间) coral reefs(珊瑚礁)()below(below) recreational(休闲) diving(潜水) limits(限制)()probably(可能) contributed(促成) to(to) their(他们) long(长期)-()hidden(隐藏) status(状态) in(in) the shadows(阴影) of(of) the Indian Ocean(印度洋).(.) Hope(希望) for(for) Reefs(珊瑚礁)'(') scientific(科学) divers(潜水员) are(are) highly() trained(训练) for(for) the dangerous(危险) process(过程) of(of) researching(研究) in(in) these(这些) deep(),(,) little()-()known() mesophotic(中型) reefs(珊瑚礁),(,) located(位于) 200(200) to(to) 500(500) feet(英尺) beneath(beneath) the ocean(海洋)'s('s) surface(表面).(.) Accessing(进入) them(它们) requires(需要) technical(技术) equipment(设备) and() physically(物理) intense() training(训练) well(well) beyond(超过) that(that) of(of) shallow-water(浅水) diving(潜水).(.) The team(团队)'s('s) special(特殊) diving(潜水) gear(装备) ((()known as(被称为) closed-circuit(闭路) rebreathers(循环呼吸器))()) includes(包括) multiple(多个) tanks(储罐) with(with) custom(定制) gas(气体) blends(混合物) and() electronic(电子) monitoring(监控) equipment(设备) that() allow(使) the divers(潜水员) to(to) explore(探索) deep() reefs() for(for) mere() minutes(分钟) before(before) a(a) lengthy(漫长),(,) hours(小时)-()long() ascent(上升) to(to) the surface(地面).(.)
"(")Preparation(准备) for(for) these(这些) deep() dives(潜水) is(is) very(非常) intense(激烈) and() our(我们) dive() gear(装备) often(往往) weighs(重量) more than() us,"(us,") says() Dr(博士) .(.) Luiz(Luiz) Rocha(Rocha),(,) Academy(学院) Curator(馆长) of(of) Fishes(鱼类) and() co-(联合)leader(负责人) of(of) the Hope(希望) for(for) Reefs(珊瑚礁) initiative(倡议).(.) "(")When(When) we(我们) reach(到达) these(这些) reefs(珊瑚礁) and() find(发现) unknown(未知) species(物种) as(as) spectacular(壮观) as(as) this(这种) fairy(神仙) wrasse(濑鱼),(,) it(it) feels(感觉) like(一样) our(我们) hard(辛勤) work(工作) is(is) paying off(贿赂)."(.")
Using(使用) a(a) microscope(显微镜),(,) the team(小组) examined(检查) the specimens(标本)'(') scales(鳞片),(,) fin() rays(射线),(,) and() body(身体) structures(结构).(.) DNA(DNA) and() morphological(形态学) analyses(分析) revealed(显示) the new(新的) fairy(仙女) wrasse(濑鱼) to(to) be(be) different(不同) from(from) the other(其他) seven(七种) species(物种) in(in) the western(西) Indian Ocean(印度洋) as well as(以及) other(其他) relatives(亲属) in(in) the Pacific(太平洋).(.) The new() species(物种)'(') common(普通) name(名字) is() inspired(灵感) by(by) the fictional(虚构) metal(金属) vibranium(),(,) a(一种) rare(罕见),(,) and(),(,) according to(根据) Rocha(Rocha),(,) "(")totally(完全) awesome(敬畏)"(") substance(物质) found(发现) in(in) the Black() Panther() nation(国家) of(of) Wakanda(Wakanda).(.) The Vibranium(Vibranium) Fairy(仙女) Wrasse(濑鱼)'s('s) purple(紫色) chain(链式)-()link(联系) scale(刻度) pattern(图案) reminded(想起) the scientists(科学家们) of(of) Black(黑色) Panther(黑豹)'s('s) super()-()strong() suit(适合) and() the fabric(面料) motifs(图案) worn(穿) by(by) Wakandans(Wakandans) in(in) the hit() film(电影).(.)
Precious(珍贵) life(生命) in(in) deep() reefs()
In(In) a(a) recent(最近) paper(论文),(,) the Academy(学院) team(团队) found(发现) that(that) twilight() zone() reefs(珊瑚礁) are() unique(独特) ecosystems(生态系统) bursting(爆裂) with(with) life(生命) and() are(are) just as(正如) vulnerable(容易) to(to) human(人类) threats(威胁) as(as) their(他们的) shallow(浅层) counterparts(对应物).(.) Their(他们) findings(研究结果) upended(颠覆了) the long(长期)-()standing(存在) assumption(假设) that() species(物种) might(可能) avoid(避开) human(人类)-()related(相关) stressors(压力因素) on(on) those(那些) deeper(更深) reefs(珊瑚礁).(.) The Hope(希望) for(for) Reefs(珊瑚礁) team(团队) will() continue(继续) to(to) visit(访问) and() study(研究) twilight() zone(地区) sites(各地) around(around) the world(世界) to(to) shed(揭示) light() on(on) these(这些) often(经常)-()overlooked(被忽视) ecosystems(生态系统).(.)
In addition to(除了) this(这种) new() fish(鱼类) from(from) Zanzibar(桑给巴尔),(,) Rocha(Rocha) and() his(他的) colleagues(同事) recently(最近) published(发表) descriptions(描述) of(of) mesophotic(中间) fish() from(from) Rapa(Rapa) Nui(Nui) [([)Easter(复活节) Island()](]) and() Micronesia(密克罗尼西亚).(.) Luzonichthys(Luzonichthys) kiomeamea(kiomeamea) is() an(一种) orange(橙色),(,) white(白色),(,) and() sunny(阳光) yellow(黄色) dwarf(矮秆) anthias(anthias) endemic(特有) to(to) Rapa(Rapa) Nui(Nui),(,) and() the basslet(basslet) Liopropoma(Liopropoma) incandescens(incandescens) ((()another(another) new() species(物种) published(发布) today(今天) in(in) Zookeys(Zookeys))()) inhabits(栖息) Pohnpei(Pohnpei)'s('s) deep() reefs()—a(—a) neon(霓虹) orange(橙色) and(并且) yellow() specimen(标本) collected(收集) from() a(a) rocky(岩石) slope() 426(426) feet() beneath(beneath) the ocean(海洋)'s('s) surface(表面).(.)
"It's("It's) a(a) time(时代) of(of) global(全球) crisis(危机) for(for) coral reefs(珊瑚礁),(,) and() exploring(探索) little()-()known() habitats(栖息地) and() the life(生活) they() support(支持) is() now(现在) more(更加) important(重要) than(than) ever(以往),"(,") says() Rocha(Rocha).(.) "(")Because(因为) they(它们) are() out of(out of) sight(视线),(,) these(这些) deeper(更深) reefs(珊瑚礁) are(are) often(往往) left out(离开) of(of) marine(海洋) reserves(保护区),(,) so(所以) we(我们) hope(希望) our(我们) discoveries(发现) inspire(激发) their(它们) protection(保护)."(.")


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